The Potter and The Clay

But now, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand. (Isaiah 64:8 NKJV)

As the potter works on his soon-to-be masterpiece, he shapes and soon smashes the clay, working it till he can mold it. He adds water to make it more pliable and continues to shape and mold. We can begin to see the clay become a vase, with each turn of the wheel and eachPotter and clay stroke of the potters hand, it begins to take shape. If the potter were to make a mistake, he wouldn’t scrap the clay. He’s found the clay is good as long as it is still pliable. Turn after turn, the clay turns into what it was always destined to be.

Know this, God is the potter and we are the clay. As long as we are willing and able to be shaped, God will not trash you just because you fail. Your faults will not get you thrown away. Know that shaping and molding requires time but not more than what God is already willing to spend.

He created you with a plan and a purpose. You are meant for so much more.

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