Super Moon in Perspective

Tonight you will have another chance to catch the “Super Moon”.  Just being able to see it will leave you in amazement. It’s size and the light it reflects is unreal. Headed home last night with my five year old, he noticed how much larger it seemed and little does he know that tonight it will be even closer and will seem even larger.


Super moon in perspective

Leave it to me to try and smash the moon with my pointer and thumb. Even though just looking at the moon it seemed enormous, putting it in between my fingers made it almost disappear.

I’ve had some problems in my lifetime, so many I put on myself, others were situations I had been put in by other people. There were times those problems were overwhelming, the magnitude of situations took my breath and sometimes hope away.

What I learned last night by smashing the moon with my fingers was that it was all about perspective. Those things that seem too big for us, God takes his pointer and thumb, puts it in perspective and tells us that we have this.

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