When Churches Unite to Become “The Church”

Be The Church

As a church we have some great outreach programs. We offer a food pantry where we serve numerous families in our community, we volunteer countless service hours in and around our city, and we even build soccer fields and playgrounds to open up to families. Our church is involved in reaching our city for Christ and we do an amazing job at showing the love of God to those who would never step foot in a church building otherwise.

However, how often does “The Church” join together to reach people as one united Church? How often do churches across our city work together as the body of Christ to serve those in need? We do a great job of staying separated by church titles and a poor job as coming together as “The Church” to be Christ to a hurting world.

In my job I’ve had the opportunity to meet a mother who has never been to church. This woman is in her thirties, she is married but it’s an abusive relationship, and both husband and wife have had their struggle with drug addiction.  Seven months ago she became pregnant, and over the course of our relationship I’ve found she has no family or friends that are willing or able to support her. Even though she’s never been in a church, I thought she might be willing to be around some other women in a small group.

My small group at church decided we wanted to throw my friend a baby shower and when I told her about it she was excited. Although we have a decent size small group, I thought that other women I know would be interested in blessing someone else. I took to Facebook and another small group from another church in our city decided they wanted to be a part! At the baby shower, two small groups, from two separate churches came together and blessed my un-churched friend more than she could have imagined.

What if all the churches in our community came together to serve one purpose, with one goal of reaching others for Christ? What if race and denomination didn’t separate us but united us? Imagine the impact we would have if we united together to serve the un-churched? We might not see everyone in our city come to know Jesus, but what kind of impact would it make on those who are not in a church? Imagine if the Church was less focused on themselves and more focused on reaching people for Christ by serving the un-churched? We do a fairly good job of reaching out, but we could do so much more if we were willing to unite as one! Be encouraged! Be united!


4 thoughts on “When Churches Unite to Become “The Church”

  1. Beautifully put, Lori!

  2. Great post and I totally agree. Great job on the shower girl!

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