90 Days of Transformation: Lessons Learned, Part I

Twenty one days ago I started an epic journey. On August 1, I decided to take 90 days of my life and completely transform it. My 90 days of transformation are stretching everything I have known about myself and God. I set a few goals for the 90 days, like losing weight, hearing God’s voice and discerning the enemies, and being an all-around healthier me.Goals

Just twenty days into my transformation I started learning some valuable lessons. I’ve learned the hard part is just getting going; once you start you learn to love it or grow to hate it. I’ve learned that although you may think its okay to cheat on food choices but one bad choice turns to two and then three. I’ve learned that God is always speaking; so is the enemy, the part you have to learn is to decipher who is who.

Working out started as a chore for me. I knew I needed to do it but really had no desire, especially because I knew I had to work out in the mornings before going to work. I had to start getting up by 5am and sometime earlier, just to have time to pray, read, get myself and my son ready for the day, and still hit the gym before work. The first few days were awful, I had to figure out what time I needed to be in bed to get a decent night’s  sleep and the morning after working out I realized how sore I truly was and it made it that much harder.  Fortunately, by the second week, I was looking forward to it, and now, twenty-one days into my journey, I love being in the gym. You truly learn to love it or grow to hate it. By hate it, I mean some of the food choices. I don’t always enjoy eating the healthy vegetables but I know they are good for me so I do it anyway.

I thought I could cheat on food choices without it being a big deal. I had decided to do a Daniel Fast during my 90 day transformation, only eating fruits, vegetables, and legumes, and only drinking water. For two weeks I made all the right choices, but then, I decided I could cheat one meal and have lasagna with the family…big mistake. In my mind I started thinking it was okay to cheat occasionally, the rest of the time I was doing great, what would one meal hurt. But, it didn’t stop at one meal; I then thought I would be okay the next couple of days to sneak in a sweet.  The only person I was hurting was me! I had to decide that a cheat wasn’t worth it. Is there anything in your life you’re allowing yourself to cheat on that is hurting you? Choosing to make better choices for me and to do what I felt God was calling me to do really set me in a place to hear Him, not to mention I was spending the time to hear Him.

The last twenty-one days, I have spent a minimum of an hour each morning with God. Best decision I could have made. It doesn’t make me any holier but I can tell you what it has done. It’s allowed me to hear God’s voice and recognize the enemies. Let me tell you, the enemy is speaking just as much as God is and it’s who you choose to listen to that determines what you hear.

Be encouraged, these 90 days aren’t making me a better Christian than you, and the same results I’m seeing, you can too. All you have to do is make a choice. I’m choosing to get fit for life, I’ve learned some valuable insight and can only imagine how ingrained it will be in the next 69 days. I’m getting closer to God and learning a lot about myself. Thanks for taking the time to read, if this has encouraged you, or if you have any questions or comments, then leave those below! You can subscribe to this blog and even follow me on Twitter. Love you all, be blessed!


3 thoughts on “90 Days of Transformation: Lessons Learned, Part I

  1. I learned the same lesson in a small way. If you cheat the results are minimized. It is amazing how a little cheat goes a long way. I guess we could apply that when we decide to cheat and let a little sin through, maybe we can see how that somehow effects our efforts as well. Keep going Lori, God is at the center of this.

  2. You are encouraging Lori! Ive recently made the choice to eat healthier and get some kind of workout in… your posts on Facebook and here are helpful in keeping me motivated!! I just started walking 3 days a week…on my 3rd week now! Did 4 miles tonight!

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