Our Lives as a Puzzle

My son and I were doing a puzzle a few weeks ago, one of those massive ones with lots of pieces. I don’t know that there is anything more aggravating in life than being close to finishing a puzzle of that size and realizing you don’t have all the pieces.

My life has been like that. I’ve come to the realization that our experiences in life are pieces to a puzzle. Good and bad they make us who we are. Not only do our trials in life add to us, there are times and situations we loose puzzle pieces.

The biggest threat to loosing puzzle pieces is loosing who you are. I’ve lost myself. What I mean is that I didn’t stay true to who I was or who God had created me to be. I allowed myself to act out of character, to give myself away, and loosing a piece of who I was.

I am trying to relate myself to a large puzzle. God created the pieces, and had the pieces planned out, I went and lost some of those pieces. After loosing pieces, I would go crawling back to God hoping that He could put me back together, recreate some of those pieces I had lost, fill in the voids. God always did that.

The problem is when we keep putting ourselves in the place to loose pieces of ourselves and who God created us to be. We give ourselves to men and women in hopes of finding love, we turn to a bottle or a drug to try and forget the hell we know, and we bury ourselves in hopelessness and despair.

Puzzle2Thank God He can replace missing puzzle pieces, thank God He can fill the void that comes when we’ve given pieces away, and thank God He knows what the end puzzle picture looks like.

Maggie Gonzales…thank you for reminding me I’m not an incomplete puzzle that should be discarded, but rather a puzzle missing pieces that only God Himself can replace.


2 thoughts on “Our Lives as a Puzzle

  1. Incredible job on this one Lori. Lots of transparency and truth. Well done. Bless u. Now get back to being who a God created you to be – for others! We believe in you!

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